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Marco Casagrande is a Finnish architect, environmental artist, social theorist, writer and professor of architecture.

He is the Vice-President of the International Society of Biourbanism and principal of the independent cross-disciplinary research centre ‘Ruin Academy’ in Taipei and Taitung and Artena in cooperation with the Aalto University’s Sustainable Global Technologies Centre. Since 2017 has taught as professor at the Bergen School of Architecture and formed WEAK! with Hsieh Ying-chun and Roan Ching-yueh.

Casagrande is the laureate of the European Prize for Architecture 2013, Committee of International Architecture Critics CICA Award 2013 for conceptual and artistic architecture and UNESCO & Locus Foundation’s Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2015. (Manchester School of Architecture, 2021)


Our international team is made up of forward-thinking creatives, each with their own unique style. Working together as a team we create unique and innovative solutions which lead to high-quality architecture. 

Designing a space is a collaborative effort between the client, manufacturer and us. Our creative process starts with a brief that outlines the project's goals and objectives. It is then followed by research and planning. Once the plan is set, we begin working on the design. From there, we move onto production and implementation.

Carita Parkkulainen


Jan Tyrpekl


Mirella Peltonen


Barbara Vanic


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